The Best Denim for Kibbe Romantics



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The Best Denim for Kibbe Romantics

Awhile ago, I posted on TikTok about my favorite denim brands and cuts for Kibbe Romantics. Based on your response, it seems my fellow Romantics felt my pain! Denim is a beast to conquer for any body type, but the infamous gap-waist for us with bigger hips and a smaller waist can stump even the most seasoned fashionista.

First, what is a Kibbe Romantic?

The Kibbe Image Identity System is a personal style system created by David Kibbe to help people identify their unique physical features and create a harmonious, flattering image. It categorizes individuals into one of 13 “Image IDs” based on their bone structure, facial features, and overall body shape. Each Image ID has specific style recommendations for clothing, makeup, and hair that work with the individual’s natural lines and proportions. The system is designed to help people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin by embracing and enhancing their unique characteristics, rather than trying to fit into a standard ideal of beauty.

Kibbe Romantic is a body type in David Kibbe’s Image Identity system. It’s characterized by a curvaceous figure with a small waist, rounded hips, and full bust. Some famous examples of Kibbe Romantic are Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, and Beyoncé. They all have soft, rounded bone structures with a slightly fleshy appearance, and their facial features are symmetrical and delicate.

To learn more about the specifics, or to find your body type, I suggest the TikToker @BodyAndStyle or @GabrielleArrudaDesign.

Romantic Body Types & Denim

Because Romantic body types are characterized by a smaller waist in the hip-to-waist-ratio, finding a denim that actually fits and doesn’t gap is quite the journey. I’m going to save you the struggle and give you my picks for the best denim if you, too, suffer from jeans that gap at the waist.

Imogene & Willie: Catherine Cut

This is my all time favorite cut of denim and by a brand I have loved and followed for over a decade. Imogene & Willie is based in Nashville (but recently opened a store in Austin!), and is forever on the quest to make the perfect jeans. Each pair is designed in Nashville and made in the USA. I especially admire their steadfast commitment to making all of their small-batch clothing here in the USA.

Runner up: the Trudie jean. The cut is excellent, but the raw denim is rough to break in.

Studio Nicholson: Ruthie Cut

If you’re looking for a workwear-inspired pair of denim that leans more into a masculine cut, the Ruthie jean by Studio Nicholson is your winner. These are a straight leg and boyfriend cut, but still nip in at the waist for a perfect fit. The pockets also sit higher up on the seat for the ideal lifted look.

Totême: High-Rise Organic-Cotton Tapered Jeans

If you are looking for a true, classic, straight leg jean – this is the best I’ve found yet. I love the Swedish brand; its signature minimalist aesthetic makes pieces easy go-to staples in my closet. The denim’s balanced wash is perfect for when I want my denim to look more polished. The fit allows for a straight leg without sacrificing room in the hip and thigh.

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