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I'm always overdressed and overthinking fashion design as a creative in Austin, TX. I believe everyone has a style story – now let's add some character!

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In my mind’s eye, this is how I look all June long. Sitting comfortably, with sleeves on, sipping a latte. Not sitting in front of my office’s Dyson fan counting down the days till a month that ends with “-ember.” (Those months at least sound cooler.)

In reality, June in Austin, Texas is a month for survival, and these are the products that helped not only survive – but thrive… Or at least capture a full sense of delusion, (which I highly recommend as well!)

Nail Polish Heels

The shoes I’ll never shut up about. I saw Loewe’s wild shoe line come out a year ago, and I cringed. (I even made a TikTok about it!)

Here I am a year later and all the wiser. Yes, I am the proud owner of some nail polish heels, and they are, in fact, like a beacon for cool-girls. I wear these out and immediately… iykyk.

Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palette

I saw IG’s resident MUA, Katie Jane Hughes, use this palette and I RAN to purchase it. Y’all, it is worth every penny. It’s super pigmented and the colors blend together like a dream. I even find myself using the bolder colors in the palette more than I thought I would because they wear so well.

I especially recommend these colors for my fellow blue-eyed people as it’s a nice alternative to the bronze-y colors we usually get recommended.

Maméne Silk Set

If I could live in my Maméne silk set, I would. Need something chic to wear out? Here’s my pick. Need something cozy to wear over to a friend’s? Here’s my pick.

Seriously, there’s not a more versatile set out there. The fabric is luxe without being fussy and the cut is both comfortable and flattering. Oops, here I go to buy another!

Skims Fits Everybody Crossover Bralette

This might seem like a bit of an aimless favorite, but sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. I’m finding this is the piece I reach for again and again when I want to accomplish a sort of “undone summer look” under loose tops.

The little crossover detail makes it feel extra intentional. It’s enough coverage that I don’t feel like I’m flashing anyone, but enough support that I don’t feel like I’m fully footloose and fancy-free.

AGOLDE Bailey ribbed-knit tank

I have this in the army green color and have been obsessively wearing it. The narrow cut of the shoulders is extremely flattering (especially on Kibbe SNs and FNs!) It’s something a little different than an average tank, and is a must-have in my arsenal of “clothes fit to survive Texas summers.”

Expressive Forrest Charms & Ceramics

I’m very sorry to have introduced you to something so unbelievably cute. I know that these ceramic charms will now be living in your mind rent-free, and that’s valuable real estate.

Elyssia Ward is the ceramicist behind Expressive Forest, and I neurotically follow her instagram for charm drops. She’s based in Glasgow, Scotland, but her little boots are perfect for this Texas girlie. I recently bought boot charms for myself and a friend, and wow, they’re even cuter in person.

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