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SWIFTIES! The Eras Tour is upon us, and we’ve got to get our outfits lined up. Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie, Gaylor truther, or just love a song or two, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift has some of the most iconic looks in music history. From her cowboy boots and sundresses to her glittery jumpsuits and statement coats, Taylor’s wardrobe contains as many multitudes as her music. Here are the concert-ready outfits I’ve put together based on Taylor’s Eras, concert looks, and iconic moments.

The “Fearless” Era:

First up, we have the “Fearless” era. Our girl was fresh off her debut album and finding her footing in country-ish-style. When I think “Fearless”, I think of princess-y dresses and curly, curly hair. With plenty of allusions to fairytales, it seems right to reach for a more romantic look to sing “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” in your best dress, fearless, all night.

Dress | Boots | Pearl Pins | Crossbody Bag

The “Speak Now” Era:

Next up, we have the “Speak Now” era. This era was all about whimsical and dreamy dresses, statement jewelry, and soft curls. Think floral prints, lace, and pastel colors. Pair your outfit with some statement jewelry and a pair of ballet flats. Then, get ready to see some sparks fly when you see this outfit come together.

Corset Top | Jeans | Ballet Flats | Butterfly Clips

The “Red” Era:

Perhaps my favorite era: The “Red” era. At this point, Taylor was known for her red lip, which she often paired with high contrast, black & white outfits. This era is synonymous with lots of stripes, and plenty pops of red. Reach for your stripes, put on a bold red lip, and you’ll be feeling 22 before you know it.

Striped Top | Earrings | Crossover Jeans | Mary Jane Shoes | Belt Bag

The “1989” Era:

1989 was all about crop tops, high-waisted shorts, and bold accessories. Taylor’s tour looks during 1989 were sequin-filled and marked her moment as a pop icon. The dress to the left reminded me of her Polaroid-image album cover, and the sparkles feel true to her tour outfits. Pair your outfit a belt bag so you’ll be ready to “Shake It Off” all night long.

Dress | Earrings | Belt Bag | Star Clips | Shoes

The “Reputation” Era:

This era was all about edgy and sleek looks, with a hint of snake print. Think leather jackets, black boots, and bold accessories. Pair your outfit with some dark lipstick and a smoky eye… And if you’re extra brave, bleach your hair for your own personal Bleachella moment.

Dress | Boots | Snake Hair Clip

The “Lover” Era:

Last but not least, we have the “Lover” era. Lover brings to mind bright colors, pastels, and playful prints. Think floral dresses, rainbow stripes, and kitten heels. Pair your outfit with some colorful earrings and a bright lipstick, and go find your London boy!

Dress | Clogs | Earrings | Headband

The Folklore / Evermore Era:

Am I cheating by lumping these together? Maybe. Regardless, it’s likely too warm to be donning an Evermore-style plaid coat or your favorite cardigan. Instead, I’m focusing on the folksy vibe the two albums share. With an emphasis on organic textures and rich tones, I pulled a classic prairie-style dress that feels effortlessly cottagecore with accessories in the same tone.

Mini Dress | Woven Bag | Boots | Distressed Hoops

Midnights Era:

Our most recent Era of T-Swiftdom, Midnights has an unmistakable retro vibe. You can choose if you’re feeling more Bejeweled or like the Anti-Hero and opt for a high-shine outfit or more casual getup. Because there’s so much duality in the Midnights’ wardrobing, I had to give you two options for this album… Only feels right since I’m streaming it constantly.

Lavender Haze (left): Top | Shorts | Earrings | Bangle | Boots

Anti-Hero (right): Top | Pants | Shoes | Star Studs

Well, Swifties: that wraps up my suggestions for what to wear on your Eras Tour adventure. Our queen, Miss Swift, has had some iconic looks throughout her career, and the Eras Tour is the perfect opportunity to channel your favorite moment in the TSwift canon. Whether you’ll be bejeweled or in your flannel cure, enjoy scream-singing with Taylor all night!

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