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Blazers, menswear-inspired pieces, and suits are a must-have for your colder-month's wardrobe. Learn how to wear the trend to best suit your body type 

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Dramatics are lucky: your tall frame and angular features shine in menswear inspired pieces. Make it edgy like Cynthia Nixon's look to the left with an oversized blazer (you can pull it off because of your height!) and add feminine details, like the cropped, fitted top and contrasting high waisted trousers.

Oversized & boxy shapes work on your frame

Add feminine details if you don't want to lean too hard into the menswear look

Don't be afraid of mixing and matching colors

If going oversized – show some skin to highlight your shape


Kibbe recommends dressing in a “T" silhouette for Soft Dramatics. Meaning: highlight your shoulders and carry a consistent, long vertical line down your frame. The “T" silhouette lends itself to a monochrome look. This way, the strong shoulders of the blazer create the top of the “T", and the monochrome top and pant create the long stem running vertically.

Embrace monochrome looks

Aim for a “T‘ silhouette

keep your pieces tailored and crisp

Blazers and layers that emphasize your curves are extra flattering


Because of your Kibbe width across your shoulders, blazers and suit-ish inspired pieces are a Flamboyant Natural's best friend. Get ready to cue the jealousy: you can pretty much wear anything under your blazer because of your angular stature and height. Blazers that hit below your hip line tend to look best (as they extend your vertical.) You can mix and match patterns or keep your colorways consistent. 

Have your blazers hit below your hip line

Match your blazer pattern or dress in seperates – either works!

Get a blazer that's a substantial material that can hold its shape

No flimsy fabrics that don't hold a firm shape


With a soft hourglass shape and Kibbe width, Soft Naturals should look for a blazer with a deep neckline and slight waist emphasis. Layer tops that show off your décolletage and pair high waisted jeans or trousers underneath. This will further accentuate your waist.

Pick a blazer with a deep neckline

Wear tops that accentuate your decolletage

Opt for trousers or a skirt that sit at your exact waist

Opt for suiting materials that can hold their shapes – nothing too flimsy


As a more symmetrical body type that has a long vertical, Dramatic Classics look wonderful in a long-line blazer that extends well past the hips. This helps capitalize on your frame's symmetry. Add a high waisted trouser underneath to give the eye a natural resting point at your waist.

Long-Line Blazers look beautiful on your frame

Remember to emphasize your symmetrical frame with high waisted trousers

Long lapels help accentuate your vertical

Wider lapels work best on your shoulders


Your symmetrical frame insists on balance. This means you need to keep proportions top of mind. A blazer adds bulk, so pair it with a flared skirt or wide leg pant to ensure balance on your lower half. Keep your blazers and vests tailored close to your body to prevent adding bulk to your short to moderate frame.

Balanced proportions are key

Keep your blazers fitted and tailored to your shape

Light waist emphasis helps

Your bottom should compliment the flare and lines of the blazer


Because of your long, straight, and petite figure, you look gorgeous in a suit set that's tailored, crisp, and utilizes staccato lines. Emphasize your lean figure with a tight, close to the neck lapel, tapered trousers or a mini skirt, and plenty of texture for interest.

Use staccato lines – like a cropped blazer

tailored, crisp shapes look best on your frame

Opt for slim lapels and higher necklines

Pair your blazers with tailored trousers or a mini skirt


Soft Gamines have a strong Yin undercurrent. Because of this, you'll want to get a blazer that has inherent curves in its cut. This means a gently curve at the outer seams to accentuate the waist, curved openings, and a tapered, smeller lapel.

Gently curved seams help accentuate your yin undercurrent

Opt for a straighter cut trouser or a-line skirt

wear a blazer that stops at your waist or below your hips

Curved necklines look best under your blazer


It's easy for a Theatrical Romantic to look great in an oversized blazer. The bold lines look wonderful across your delicate bone structure. Shy away from traditional suit-cuts. In stead opt for a dress or trousers with a feminine edge.

Oversized blazers look great on a theatrical romantic frame

Balance your menswear pieces with feminine touches

Let your blouse and bottoms have more traditionally feminine cuts

your blazer should be the only oversized piece; let everything else accentuate your shape


My advice for menswear isn't too different from traditional Romantic guidelines. You should emphasize your waist, pick blazers that have inherent curves in their seams, and not shy away from blazer dresses or feminine shapes under suit-like layers.

opt for deep necklines

Wear blazers that offer waist emphasis

Feminine touches, like a blazer dress, or flared pants embrace your strong yin

fun details, like buttons, piping, and embellishments are at home on a romantic

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